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Being an established Performer and Theatrical Impresario throughout his life and career, Johnny Mans is also proud of his private family life and has gathered many wonderful memories over the years, with cousins, grandparents, parents, siblings, offspring and grandchildren all adding to an exciting array of never to be forgotten experiences.

On his mother’s side he had a Grandfather named Billy Barratt who was a Yorkshire comedian. Sadly, Billy ran off with a dancer from a theatre show, and was never seen again! This left Grandma in a bit of an emotional state as she was also a dancer in the same troupe, the famous Tiller Girls.

Johnny’s mum was also a dancer, following her own mother into the same occupation, and also becoming Tiller Girl. Later in life she gave birth to six daughters and a son (Johnny) and started her own Dance school whereby all the Mans girls became dancers, and her little boy took the comedy route like Grandpa! Only this time, he didn’t run off with a dancer!

The Mans family were all based in Bristol with Johnny’s dad being a Trade Union Official, mum producing her own variety concerts and pantomimes, and numerous cousins all spread around doing various jobs in successful business ventures. One cousin named Archie, running off to America and eventually taking the movie world by storm, and changing his name to Cary Grant!

After several personal relationships during his pantomime engagements and summer season shows, Johnny then found himself in a Jersey summer production, meeting a schoolteacher named Becky, whom he then whisked off to Nairobi in Kenya, where they got engaged and eventually married in Staffordshire.

Living in London during the early years of their marriage, they later produced a son named Elliot and a daughter called Lucy, with Johnny now settling down into a domestic family life. Something he loves and is proud of.

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